Thursday, July 19, 2007

Holy Crap Batman!

Please tell me I didn't just read ONLY 99 DAYS UNTIL THE GREEN FLAG! Or should I start singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall?

There have been several issues come up with regard to octane, a few special parts and so on all of which are to be expected. My first reaction is one of panic but the truth is it's all part of building race cars and certainly to be expected. That's just a few good reasons why I built in some safety margins in my time-line. The last thing I am going to do is rush any part of this build. There is still a possibility of getting it to the track to test on August 11/12 if the engine is finished withing a reasonable time. The truth is, it would be very satisfying to hear this baby run before then but if not it's no big deal. One of the unique facts that surrounds this build is believe it or not, Lucky will be legal to drive on the street! Can you believe that? "Hello officer... is there a problem? Oh that... You mean the roll cage, racing seats, fire system and all this neat stuff... you mean you don't have all those in your car?"

Today I picked up the big majority of items that I needed to build and install the custom fuel delivery system that will feed Lucky octane nectar from the Gods. It will be a redundant fuel delivery system utilizing not one but two FRAM fuel filters and HOLLY fuel pumps in the event something should fail. Included in this system will be two high volume fuel pumps and filters which will be regulated by a fuel pump regulator and a sender that will tell the fuel pressure gauge in the cockpit exactly what's going on. The regulator will also allow fuel to recirculate back to the fuel cell and it will all be neatly fitted together with stainless steel aircraft type braided fuel line and AN fittings. The majority of this system will be mounted on a custom built plate which will be mounted in the trunk near the Fuel Safe fuel cell.

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