Friday, July 27, 2007

Closer and closer

Today I managed to complete the entire redundant fuel pump system that is located in the trunk near the fuel cell and then I turned them on and actually heard them working. All I need to do now is to finish fastening the braided fuel and return line that runs all the way to the engine compartment and then put some fuel in the tank so I can check every single fitting and connection for leaks. Of course all these will be checked and re-checked after a run on the track.

I also ordered the FLUIDYNE engine oil cooler and a thermostat and radiator cap so it will be here when the engine comes hopefully next week. I have to say the people at FLUIDYNE where extremely helpful with technical advice. After they found out all that Lucky was being built for both now and later they decided to build a special oil cooler. The one that they built will hold almost three times as much oil as the ones that originally came on GT350s but it will also be stronger and smaller to allow more air to flow across the FLUIDYNE radiator as well.

One last item that came today was the OPTIMA battery. These batteries are simply incredible when compared to any other battery. For example, even a good quality battery has an average of 500 cranking amps but the Red Optima battery has an awesome 980 cranking amps not to mention a 110 minute reserve for an extra piece of mind. Race cars can never have too much voltage. The Optima has many advantages but one of them is the fact that it's spill-proof, even if the case is physically ruptured. Even though the battery is mounted in a safe battery box in the back seat area of the car it's comforting to know it's one less safety issue to worry about.

I just got off the phone with the engine builder and he is hopeful that the last of the parts he needed have arrived today. If that's the case the engine should be ready to go on the dyno next week.

Last week I received Lucky's new horns. That's right, a race car in Mexico without horns makes just about as much sense as a bull in a bullfight without horns. Most race cars don't require horns although I could sure tell you some funny racing stories about cars that did have them not to mention a few that should have. On the other hand they might just come in handy to let someone know we're right on their tail and then there is an occasional burro to contend with. The horns that I chose are the same ones the bad boys doing the pro rally circuits prefer. They are HELLA and believe me, these things let you know something is about to happen.

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