Tuesday, July 24, 2007

One grain of sand at a time

Today I called my engine builder to check on things and one of the guys that works there told me my engine was all built and next on the dyno. Talk about excitement! I began clearing my schedule and making plans so I could drive up tomorrow and watch the dyno runs but this afternoon when I called back and talked to the engine builder himself he informed me that one of the parts was wrong and so he was still waiting for some replacements for them.

I have had the American Racing wheels ordered for 4 months and I was told they would be here today but when I called to check on them I was told they would not be here until the second or third week of August. DAMN!

In the mean time I managed to get some more work done installing the fuel pumps and some braided hose. I also had to take apart the top of the fuel cell in order to change a bulkhead fitting to a larger size. Then I drove to South San Francisco to pickup the new fittings. Everyone of these "little" projects getting done just gets me that much closer to hearing it run... one grain at a time.

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