Saturday, July 07, 2007

Taking time out to smell the roses

I can't help but laugh at times when I realize this whole adventure is on about the same time-line as my grandson Tyler Gene considering both are just a little over 1 year old. Between all the excitement of the build of Lucky and the excitement of watching Tyler grow both of which seems to be at lightning speed I can honestly say each is an awesome experience. Needless to say of the two Tyler is our highest priority but what's even better is that Tyler loves race cars and he has literally grown up around Lucky. We all enjoy Tyler Gene and he has made our lives rich and even Tyler makes gramps take time out to smell the roses. (And a weed or two.)

But Lucky has even more friends to make yet since my navigator Jon Emerson and his wife also has a new bundle of joy at his household of about the same age and she is destine to make a lot of fellas hearts throb.

What good would an exciting life be without someone special to share the experience with? Yes, we are blessed men.

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