Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yet another 1954 Lincoln Capri for sale

Here is another 1954 Lincoln Capri Pan American Vintage Racecar for sale. While it may not be race ready for the La Carrera it still looks like a great piece of La Carrera history and fun to read about if nothing else. More photos along with more specifics on the car as well as it's history can be found on EBAY or by CLICKING HERE. I just love the nice touch of the desert bag hanging from the hood ornament and yes, I can remember the days my parents used them as we drove cross country. The true is, those things work pretty well as the seep just enough to drip back onto the radiator which helps cool things off.

I couldn't help but be concerned when I read their statement of, "It is believed that only one of the original Panamerican racecars exists today" because many of us know this to be un-true especially when you consider at least 5 of them ran in the 2007 La Carrera. Furthermore, I find the statement of, "Built to race in the Panamerican Re-enactment races as well as other vintage racing activities." very misleading since the car is lacking many of the required safety items including a roll cage. Hopefully should some one decide to buy this car they will get someone reputable to advise them on all of the above. A great place to start would be to contact the THE ROAD RACE LINCOLN REGISTER.


Paul said...

"Maroc Classic" maybe, "Carrera Panamericana", no way, Jose.

Burro Hall said...
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