Saturday, April 05, 2008

Morelia Memories

Have you ever had a memory that you so badly wanted to be able to share with others? Many of us would give anything to turn back time so we could spend a few moments with loved ones or to be able to take our children to a time we cherished when we were their age. Then there are those who we love and miss whom we wish we could have just one more moment with to tell them how so very special they were and still are.

For those of us who participated in La Carrera Pamnamericana there is also the deep inner desire to be able to take friends back to the very moments we reveled in so that we could once again feel that excitement and awe and also share it with them and see the look on their eyes that we once experienced.

One such moment was the day we finished the exciting run through Mil Cumbre and drove into Morelia often cited as 'the most beautiful city in Mexico', with its fabulous colonial architecture where we parked our race cars right in front of the amazingly stunning 600-year old cathedral and its museums. Even though it's an amazing experience for one's self esteem the whole experience was so much more than just signing autographs and posing for photographs. While we sit in front of colonial style restaurants across the street from our cars and the church enjoying simply unbelievable food we could not help but become engulfed in what has to be one of the most beautiful city settings in the world. This is teh same city we spent the night before our second race back through Mil Cumbre with the sun shining directly into our eyes. This was the same day that several cars ahead of us would suffer everything from running poor, flat tires and yes, even crashing. This video comes as close as I ever could to helping me take you to that place we all love so very much. Come along with Jon and me as we take you for a walk through a place we will never forget and keep in mind, this is only a few moments of an entire week we spent in places equaly as awesome as this.

This is the same place where yearly between about October and March, some hundred million Monarch butterflies migrate from the northern climets, some over a distance of up to almost 3,000 kms, to winter.

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