Sunday, April 13, 2008

Californian's Kick Chihuahua's butt

Photo courtesy of Bret Haller The Unlimited Class

I just talked to Gerie Bledso and even though Gerie was rushing off to dinner/awards ceremony I was able to get a few quick results.

High overall was taken by Californians Kevin Jones and Mark Williams! All Hail Technoviking! Congratulations guys.

Another Californian team of John & David Magnuson who run with us in NASA took 2nd place overall.

Another awesome Californian performance was none other than Gerie Bledso. Not only did Gerie win first place in the demanding Historic C class but took 6th place overall honors as well.

What a way to represent guys! Hurry safely home and finish filling us all in with "The rest of the story."

A few other quick notes are Doug Mocket and Angélica Fuentes are doing OK in spite of having a serious run in with a guardrail which took them out of contention. Richard Tyzack's car lost a water pump and he too became yet another statistic of attrition. There is still no official medical report on Joe Harding's ankle and he is on his way home as I type this so as soon as I hear anything I will post it here. Joe is one tough competitor but one we want to see around for a lot of years so let's all say a prayer for Joe and keep him in our thoughts. As for the rest of the results as soon as I hear what they are I will get them posted. As far as the reports of the teams who were burnt as a result of a crash as soon as I get more accurate information on them I will popst that as well. In the meantime let's hope and pray that was not serious.

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