Friday, April 04, 2008

Was I dreaming or what!

Many of our friends prepare to take their cars to Chihuahua Mexico this weekend to compete in a three day race. Sure they will be there for the adventure and to renew friendships with fellow La Carrera Panamericana teams but for the majority it will be to work out the bugs in their cars in preparation for this years La Carrera Panamericana. Not only is it a good idea to see test the car as well as it's equipment such as navigation equipment, seat belts and all the other odds and ends but it's also a good idea to experience Mexico for those who haven't been before. The food, the language, weather as well as understanding the rally type method of racing. For those lucky enough to actually have their cars ready to race this long before La Carrera Panamericana I salute your good fortune.

To put things into proper perspective check out these pictures of Lucky and then try to imagine how it all got done in time. Not only did it get finished but we returned after having finished 9th overall not to mention we won the most dangerous stage of all... Mil Cumbres. The top three photos above where taken exactly one year ago today! Can you believe that! Lucky was like a caterpillar that transformed into an amazing Monarch Butterfly that did exactly what Monarchs do... headed out for Mexico. There was a lot that happened since then including the trailer pictured being stolen only a few days before we were to leave.

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