Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's like getting kicked in the cojones

Nobody enjoys seeing a beautiful car crash any less than I and anyone who has ever built a car from the ground up will be familier with the feeling in the gut. On the other hand if nobody crashed there would be far less excitement for all concerned. For those who manage to keep the shiny side up for an entire event it is all the more rewarding when we realize what could have happened. If anything the satisfaction comes from knowing the car was properly set up, the driver/navigator performed flawlessly, and luck was on their side. Anyone who has never taken those small steps that went just beyond the edge of the envelope will never know the true essence of taking that extra risk and prevailing. I take my hat off to both. If you don't try you never learn.

Thank you to MJB over at ROAD RALLY RHYTHMS for sharing her photos.

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