Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pass this around the room....

There is a game kids play in school where they whisper something to the person next to them and then they do the same until it passes around the room. All too often by the time the story gets back to the first person the facts are quite distorted. The same is happening with regards to reports I get about the Chihuahua. What we really need is to send Bret Haller down there to get things sorted out first hand for those of us who can't be there not to mention his awesome selection of photos.

As friends (who are busy trying to focus on the race) send me brief blips and pieces I find it difficult to get a good overall understanding or at least an "accurate" picture of all that has transpired in the fits two days. What I do know thanks to friends and Bret's site over at The Unlimited Class is that Kevin Jones and Mark Williams are in first place for overall. How cool is that! Stay focused you guys. I have also heard the attrition rate yesterday was high but even so I still don't have all the facts. I heard of some fires and some roll overs but I don't know who or the outcome. Todd Landon's Shelby was crashed bad enough that it was loaded up to go home already and a good friend also wrote telling me that Doug Mocket, Joe Harding, Carson Scheller, and a blue Subaru all tangled with the same guard rail. Other than a report that Joe Harding's ankle might be broken everyone is fine. Let's keep Joe in our thoughts and hope he's fine. Bret reports that Doug Mocket had an electrical problem but according to someone else "Doug had an unfortunate association with a guardrail and the Olds was a wee bit out of order. Phil and the gang are fixing the car in the parking lot."

Yesterday there was a post on the Chihuahua Express website that said, "With the roar of the engines was starting the first day of competition of Chihuahua Express with the leadership in the hands of Kevin Jones in his Subaru WRX; Followed by Doug Mocket somewhere Olds. Super 88 who fight for the second-second triumph, the excitement continues despite the mishap starring Richard Tyzack in his Mustang GT." but I just heard that Tyzack has not wrecked his car so once again I am left wondering just what in the hell is really going on?

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