Saturday, April 12, 2008

1954 Lincoln Capri La Carrera Lincoln For sale!!!

I am always amazed how big the racing world is and it never ceases to amaze me how often we can stumble into someone who has been actively involved with La Carrera car let alone how often we happen to find an exciting La Carrera car. Just yesterday I was blown away when I found out about another La Carrera car right here where I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Not only is it an exciting find but having just spent a very exciting day with Frank Ruppert who in fact involved in sponsoring these very cars what a pleasant coincidence it was in deed.

The car owned by Tony is a 1954 Lincoln Capri La Carrera Panamericana race car. According to Tony, this car can race in the Original Pan American class. It has the original engine, transmission and rear end. This is a tribute race car that was built several years ago and raced in Washington, Oregon and Nevada. It has a 6 point Roll Cage, Fuel cell, 5 point seat belt harnesses, Heavy duty suspension and heavy duty wheels, Hi Speed 130 MPH tires, Modified original 317 motor and original auto transmission with a positive shift kit, custom dual exhausts, 368 modified Lincoln heads, a hi-lift cam, a 368 4 barrel intake and new Edelbrock Performer carb, pertronic electronic ignition, new 900 CCA optima battery, new hi-torque starter, power steering, power brakes, power windows, tinted glass and is rewired to switch out all lighting circuits for reduced voltage drag for racing. This car was built to race in the vintage 1949 to 1954 PanAmerican Race Car race car class. Now California registered and street legal and for sale for $36,500 in USD. Tony says that you can fly in and drive home anywhere or he can help with shipping and handle the paperwork with customs too. If your a serious buyer you can call 650-348-8269 oir email Tony at for further details.

How cool would this be to run an original Pan Americana car that won so many historical races!


drh said...

hello carrera panamericana fans,
can anybody help with info :
i am looking for the 1954 mobil oil film of the carrera pan-am !?
where can i get a dvd copy - the film is about 40min long ?
thanks in advance for any info

Mariano said...

I was able to make a DVD from the film copy that a friend had. The friend, Bruce Thomas, was a mechanic for Bill Stroppe who prepared the Ford Motor Company vehicles - Lincolns and Fords.

Let me know how I can contact you.

Gary Faules said...

Mariano, email at