Thursday, April 24, 2008

Check out this great blog

This blog is the creation of Carson Scheller's daughter. Carson raced with us in the 2007 La Carrera Panamericana but as is the case with some many of us, he just didn't get enough. In an attempt to feed his racing appetite he made the mad dash down to Chihuahua to run the three day event only this time he was accompanied by his daughter. After reading her blog it seems as if she is suffering from the same need for speed as Carson and the rest of us. Her blog is titled THE CHIHUAHUA EXPRESS and without a doubt it is one of the top blogs dedicated to this event and if she finds time to do as awesome job reporting on this years La Carrera Panamericana I know where I will be reading.

For some great reading about La Carrera style racing and the many adventures that ensure be sure to read her blog. Not only does she give a good overall feeling of what to expect regarding this type of format but in fact she does an awesome job of reporting about many the racers and teams we all consider our great friends.

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