Friday, April 13, 2007

Veya con Dios Amigos

Albeit I wish it would have been longer but yesterday while Gerie Bledso was at my shop having his new vette worked on we had a few minutes to talk racing. For those of you whom have not had the pleasure, Gerie is a laid back sort of guy but after talking with him for a while it's easy to realize his racing career has been anything but laid back. What I like most about Gerie is he treats everyone exactly the way he would want to be treated and a real gentleman. Makes for a lot of fun.

Gerie and a bunch more are heading out for a couple weeks in Mexico to compete in the "Chihuahua Express” in Northern Mexico. Part of me sincerely wishes I could come along while the other part has no regrets at all. Any time Jon and I hear about a race our hearts pump just a little faster. I swear, whenever you mention the word race, Jon's ears "perk up" like a dog when someone says "Cat". On the other hand it's not like Jon and I don't have things to do at home. Jon has some birthdays to contend with at home and I have a race car to build and finish. I am also heading up to the track at Thunderhill this weekend to do some research and testing for the new car with the CMC (Camaro/Mustang Challenge) guys and gals. I will also enjoy spending some time with my son Will who is the race director for NASA. (National Auto Sport Assoc.)

Jon and I have both realized spending time with family is an important part of racing it's self. After all, who do we enjoy sharing memories and victories with more than those who are so special to us? Having said that, Team California's Best would like to wish each of them a safe trip down and back and hope they all have a great time and we can't wait to hear some stories and see some pics.

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