Friday, April 06, 2007

It's official! No rest for the wicked.

Birthday, anniversary, wedding day, prom date.... None of them compare to this one. The official anouncment has just been confirmed regarding this years date for the 20th anniversary running of the world famous La Carrera Panamericana.

Gerie Bledso let us know; Yesterday, Mr. Eduardo "Lalo" Leon, President of the Pan Am, confirmed by telephone that the dates of the 20th Anniversary of La Carrera Panamericana will be as initially announced:

Friday, October 26--Thursday, November 1, 2007.

Up until now I kept telling myself "No hurry, we have months to get ready." But when Gerie put it this way.... "There are only 203 days left until the race!" it made the hair on the nap of my neck stand up. Thanks Gerie... now I won't get a good night's sleep until the car is finished.

EDIT; My wife is standing behind me with skillet in hand and she has convinced me that our anniversary is more important.


George Sullivan said...

The old skillet trick I know it well. Did you know a skillet off the top of the head produces a flash of light followed by stars. Time will come at you fast now we did a list and checked off each thing we did on the car as we went along the list grew. There will be no such thing as spare time from now on except when the lovely young woman says so. I happened to think the young kids in Mexico love to have pictures of your car this will make even more of a hero there.

Gary Faules said...
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Gary Faules said...

Yes, I am more than familiar with the flash of light and stars and thank God for the invention of the adjustable baseball cap.

Without a doubt the thing I hate most about prepping a car if what I call the "Last minute details Friday night before the race" syndrome. It seems every time I come home from a race the first thing I do is look at the calendar and say, "Good, we have plenty of time to get the car ready before the next race." What I should be doing is telling myself the race is next weekend.

You made me laugh when you mentioned the list that grows. It's supposed to get smaller but in fact the damn thing grows.

When I drove in the Mexican Grand Prix I took thousands of 8x10 photos of my car and everyone wanted then and not just kids either. That was the first time I autographed someone's baby.