Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Some days everything goes just right...

What a great day today was. It all began when I stopped by the new body shop to remove a couple items from the car and to drop off some parts to have painted. Keep in mind I just dropped off the car last Thursday afternoon after it has been sitting at another body shop for 6 months which has only been two working days. When I walked in the manager says, "We are probably going to paint your car tomorrow." I thought he was kidding and told him to stop since I assumed he was pulling my leg. Then I told him, "I'm the guy with the fastback Mustang that needs so much work." Finally he invited me to go take a look. After walking out to see the car I was blown away. You could not believe my eyes... The major issues had been addressed and a lot of the prep work had already been finished and again he says, "Like I said, I think we'll shoot it tomorrow." Man, was I blown away. How refreshing it is to trust someone with something that means so much and see them perform exactly the way they said they would.

If that wasn't enough I gave my engine builder a call and he gave me nothing but great news as well. It seems everything has been blue-printed and balanced and is in the process of assembly and will be ready to begin dyno test as soon as I send him a few more parts he has requested.

Then I got a call from Maier Racing and almost all of the front and rear suspension parts are just about ready to be picked up.

Now all I have to do it pick up the car, finish installing all the body parts, a complete new wiring harness front to rear, under dash components, install the engine, transmission, complete new suspension, rear end, front and rear brakes, exhaust, glass and few hundred other things and the car will be ready. This is so much fun and seeing something come to life like this is more than rewarding.

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