Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Quality Control Inspection

Today we had our first inspection by none other than Tyler Gene the quality control inspector. He performed a very thorough inspection and left no nut or bolt un-drooled. But in the end after his diaper was changed we passed with flying colors. Thank you Tyler. Grandpa loves you.


George Sullivan said...

I have always liked a good inspector who is a hands on person and it looks like you found the right person for the job. Handsome young man you must be proud of him.
That full diaper smell will be in the car once you start racing so now is a good time to get used to it. I've heard NASA has a really good adult diaper on the market. News reports are that it will be a thousand miler so you only have to change it once. It looks like a really nice paint job on the car.

Gary Faules said...

When I turned 50 my wife bought me diapers. LOL.

I really like the paint job too. Thanks. I have to keep remembering it's only a race car.