Friday, April 20, 2007

The suspense(ion) is killing me.

When it came to choosing the suspension for this project the decision was a simple one. Having known Bill Maier since the early 70's there is one thing I have learned about him. He puts his product where is mouth is... In the winner's circle. We kid each other about having known each other since the Civil War since Bill used to supply parts for my 68 Shelby way back when and in later years we built several Mustangs for my daughter and son as well using Maier products. Best of all with regard to Maier Racing is the fact that when you talk to them they take all the time you need to make sure you have a complete understanding as to what their product will do for you and that you have an absolute understanding of how it works. Even better is it's not some lawyer speaking engineer that you're talking to... It's a racer that's been there done that and you never get the impression they are simply trying to impress you. Gotta love that.

Bill and Mike Maier of Maier Racing known for their extensive line of fiberglass, have been tuning chassis to better handle the high demands of the race track for some 40 years. While Bill made a name in Trans Am racing and fiberglass products, Mike is a racer on his own and SCCA AutoX Champion has developed a superior line of suspension products. The result is a comprehensive line of suspension components that portray an informed and applied new perspective to performance driving of Mustangs!

Influenced by Bill Maier's Racing career, the company has always been heavily involved in the racing scene with a product line supplying a wide range of race parts. Maier's knowledge of the racing industry has allowed for it to pull composite and suspension designs directly from race applications for use with high performance street cars. For this reason Maier is known as a supplier of superior performance parts. Maier doesn't go to the racing tech books for information because Maier is the source of the information.

Currently Maier designs and manufactures composites and suspension products for 1965 - 1998 Ford Mustangs. These products are designed for both racing and street use.

Maier manufactures both obsolete and new products carrying everything from the newest suspension designs to the impossible to find original Shelby reproduction panels.

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