Friday, April 06, 2007

A little paint... A little love... some nuts and bolts

Boy am I excited! The guys at Impact Engineering are finished with their awesome cage build as well as the Nascar type fuel cell cage and various other items. They also built some awesome seat supports for the new seats as well as other neat little goodies like brackets, dash plates and a lot more. It sounds as if the car is just about ready to take back to my shop to get it prepared to return to the body shop for some final touch ups prior to painting and then the real fun will begin with the build.

With respect to IMPACT ENGINEERING I feel the need to say something. Have you ever gone to a restaurant for dinner and while you where there not only did they give you extra portions but they washed and waxed your car while you ate? Of course not... But in comparison that is exactly what IMPACT ENGINEERING has done for me. They listened to what I wanted, asked me pertinent questions, got a very good understanding of exactly how I needed the car to perform but they didn't stop there. They took everything they did to the next level and trust me when I say there was no hustle or sales jobs being performed on anyone. I have been involved in auto racing for years and I can honestly say NOBODY has treated me or any of my race cars with the outstanding satisfaction that I have received from them. Over the years I have spoken about those who go beyond the call of duty but this tops them all bar none. I would personally like to thank Anthony & Dave and their crew for everything. It may be premature however I can not wait for whatever comes next to ask IMPACT ENGINEERING to be an important part of CALIFORNIA's BEST RACING TEAM. Thank you guys.

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