Friday, April 27, 2007

Christmas came early this year

In order to do the job right when you order parts for a project like this one you need to do lots of research. Just ordering the first thing that you see in some one's catalogue or because some one's buddy tells you it's "good stuff" doesn't mean it will stand up to what we are about to put Lucky through. This typically means all too many times getting stuck on the phones talking to some kid that hasn't quite gone thru puberty yet who is attempting to sell me parts as he keeps saying, "Bro, this is really sick stuff. A friend of a friend of my X-girlfriend's brother used this bitchin stuff and he said it's really rad."

This is brings up the reason why I would like to thank the guys at MUSTANG PLUS for the awesome service they have given me. It's just this simple, I call, they answer, I ask my technical questions and if they don't have the correct answer they find out who does. If you ever need good quality parts and service for your Mustang this is the place to get it. I have enjoyed speaking to one of the owners of MUSTANGS PLUS as well and speaking from personal experience he is the kind of guy I enjoy doing business with and I guarantee they will be hearing a lot more from CALIFORNIA'S BEST. As you can see in the photo above every time a package arrives at my office from MUSTANGS PLUS I'm like a kid on Christmas morning. (Now if I could just get them to help sponsor a part or two... Or three, or..... )

Today while I installed the fuel cell and other miscellaneous parts Anthony, my son-in-law and office manager prepped the floor before installing a special flooring coating using a technique that we developed at CALIFORNIA'S BEST. Based on our many years of winning endurance race experience one of the problems we have had to deal with is the high heat inside the car that can effect the driver's physical condition especially during hot weather racing. This also helps to seal out exhaust fumes as well. I had to laugh today as Anthony had to work within the tight confines of the cockpit without painting himself into a corner. Tomorrow I will be installing a new firewall insulation pad that will also help reduce heat transfer from the engine and exhaust.

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