Monday, December 10, 2007

A GREAT VIDEO. Thanks to MJB!!!

There are so many photos and videos to be seen and watched and while they are all awesome to see there are some that really stand out and get me all excited. I got so excited when I saw the one MJB posted today on her ROAD RALLY RHYTHMS site that I just couldn't stand myself.

In order for you to understand why I enjoyed it so much I will try to explain. This video was shot on Mil Cumbres which has a long-standing history of danger, it's treacherous, full of risk, hazardous, deadly and formidable not to mention it's one hell of a lot of fun! For almost two years leading up to the very day this video was shot I had read lots about mishaps and seen photos and videos proving it had without a doubt earned it's dangerous and unforgiving reputation. By the time Jon and I had reached the start for this stage of the race I had began to cinvince myself it looked exactly like the old road I used to race up and down near my parent's home in Oregon when I was a teenager. Since I had only rolled down that canyon once and managed to walk away uninjured, my comfort level was one of high expectations.

Not far into this stage Lucky was performing like a formula car but then I entered an ominous turn way too hot and Lucky's tail-end got happy... WAY too happy. So happy in fact that neither Jon nor I was happy at all. But thanks to the Mexican Highway authorities that had strategically placed a cement pole in exactly the right place and Lucky's awesome power as I gave it full throttle, Lucky's tail was knocked back onto the road allowing Jon and I to again smile for a millisecond. Then Jon calmly said, "Nice save. Now we know where the edge is." and it was back to full throttle racing again.

Between that save of what would have been a certain ending to Lucky's racing career, Jon's calm, collected and confidence building voice I was really in the groove. It wasn't long at all before we were pulling up behind a very fast car that we quickly overtook on an inside pass and then things got even more exciting when we saw a very fast Studebaker from a much faster class in our sites. In a matter of only a few seconds we had passed that car as well and was able to pull away from both cars. Let me tell you THAT was a VERY GOOD DAY! Not only were Jon and I excited and happy with our performance but in fact we won first place on Mil Cumbres, the most dangerous stage of the La Carrera.

So you may be asking why I am so excited after all this time. Today when as I watched MJB's video I almost fell over when I saw her footage taken on yhe very corner of Mil Cumbres just as Jon and I had just overtaken one car and were about to pass the next. UNBELIEVABLE!!! What are the odds? If MJB were here right now I would give her a hug that would squeeze the dickens out of her. Thank you MJB!!!



Marcia said...

Can I take a rain check on that squeeze?
Hope so! :`)
I have to admit, I love Mil Cumbres! I had been looking forward to Day 4 of La Carrera for months. Once the route maps came out on the website, I spent hours pouring over them and looking via Google Earth at what Mil Cumbres might be like. When we finally arrived there, it felt much like home in the NW. And, those banked curves?…., just gotta get in the rhythm!!

Gary Faules said...

Yes, it did seem like home to me as well. There are many such roads in Oregon but the one it reminded me of the most was the rone that runs along the Rogue River.