Saturday, December 08, 2007

Friends we made along the way...

Like so many have said before, the La Carrera is so much more than a race and much of it has to do with the friendships made on such an amazing adventure.

Thanks to some photos taken by Gerie Bledso some of the memories of the beginning of some of these friendships I am able to post them here. The top is a photo of the Chief Inspector Beto and that's his son, Little Beto and my son Will and myself, taken as soon as Lucky was finished with the tech inspection which was special simply because Lucky was the very first car to be inspected and passed with flying colors.

The second photo is my son and I talking with none other than Juan Sarmiento, a two time Carrera champion and a fine gentleman who represented his country very proudly and what a pleasure it was to spend time with him at this race.

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