Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Close your eyes and dream

Have you ever been asked a question to which you quickly searched for the correct answer but it didn't come to you until it was too late? That is exactly what happened to me earlier today during an interview. I was asked what goals I had set for myself and while I could think of a few I knew there had to be some that where more pressing than the ones that came to mind at the time. This evening while I was browsing thru some of Bret Haller's awesome photos from his UNLIMITED CLASS BLOG site I remembered a life long dream I have had since I was a young man and a goal I surely aim to keep.

As I looked thru Bret's photos and remembered the day I guided Lucky thru the streets of Zacatecas, an amazing city that began in the 16th century on our way to the finish line arch, it brought back my dreams of running with the bulls in Spain. On the same topic it's important to remember that this is in fact where the oldest bullring in North America is found. Just look at the photos of Lucky as he makes his final charge up the hill towards the beautiful old Church of Santo Domingo and imagine what it would be like to see the majestic Bulls of Pamplona in is place. If I dare say so myself, Lucky looks pretty majestic himself.

Like the bulls that run the streets of Pamplona, Jon and I didn't have a clue what to expect around the next corner up ahead but as soon as we made the turn at the end of that very quite street we were greeted by thousands of racing fans in one of the most breath taking places in the world. Something else very special in these photos is if you look closely at that man with the red basball cap on you may recognize him. It is Gerie Bledso who had walked all the way down this street to be the very first to give each and everyone a big thumbs up. What a class act he is and that's no bull.

And in case you don't read Spanish... the words on the photo that has Lucky and the Porsch translates to, "No matter whether they are European or American, the passion and the participants is always the same."

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