Thursday, December 20, 2007

Racing is like a fine bottle of wine

It's difficult to explain the true sensations of racing let alone all else it encompasses when really it should be experienced by one's self. I not at all unlike standing in front of a store window and trying to describe the taste if a great Cabernet Sauvignon to a stranger. In that same realm of thinking it's important to realize the environment or setting in which a race is held. And like any fine wine all race tracks are unique each in their own way. With respect to La Carrera Panamericana, no race track could possibly have more of the same adjectives that are used to describe good wines.... lively, dry, earthy, elegant, hard, at times harmonious and well balanced, obtrusive, often harsh, intense and yes, even leafy at times. Just ask anyone who went off course on Mil Cumbres. Sometimes it's smooth or could be called noble at times but often rough and of course we can't forget robust!

But there is a special place in the hearts of everyone who experiences the fine ambiance of Mexico herself. It becomes so much more than a race track or a highway. It becomes the people, their homes, their way of life and they are more than happy to open it up to share with every one of us. When you take part in the La Carrera you are no longer standing outside that store window trying to imagine any more. So come along with me as we take a look into the doors they left open for each of us to savor and enjoy.

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