Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lucky's 2008 WERC Endurance Schedule

It's official... Gary and Jon will be running Lucky in the 2008 Western Endurance Racing Championship series. CLICK HERE TO SEE SCHEDULE.

As of this moment we have not even begun to figure out what class Lucky will fall into but at first glance if we are not going to make any major changes to the car we will be forced to run in the Unlimited Class. The Unlimited Class is exactly that, unlimited. At first glance one might think Lucky wouldn't stand a prayer in hell of doing well but it would not be the first time Team California's Best has laughed at such theories. Like the old endurance saying says, "To win, first you have to finish. Since Lucky was purpose built to compete in the La Carrera Panamericana there are several things that will hurt of overall. On the other hand one thing that is in our favor is that this year's series have several races longer than the typical 3 and four hour races as in the past and that is where we seem to shine. Another factor that is going to shake things up a bit this year is there are several "races within a race" that add up to double points. Like Jon says, "Hang on. things are going to get exciting."

Regardless of what class we run in I can tell you three things that are a fact...
(1) We will race hard to win.
(2) We will be prepared.
(3) We will have a blast doing it.

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