Monday, December 03, 2007

I'm home but I'm homesick for Mexico...

Here is an awesome video a friend of one of the teams who competed this year just posted in spite of the fact her home was almost washed down a hill in a terrible mudslide. One minute you're standing on a hillside watching a car role down the mountainside and a few weeks later you're sound asleep in your bed when your neighbor's house starts to wash down the hill. We just never know what God has in store for us.

The video is a compilation of various stages on different days and as you will see, this race is not for the faint at heart. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO then click on video.

I loved this video for many reasons but I thought it amazing that even though I have had some wonderful conversations via the Internet the author and we both spent a couple weeks at the very same race and yet we have never met face to face. In spite of that, without realizing it, we were both sanding on the opposite side of the beautiful square filming the dancers on the stage. What's more amazing about the video and my photos above is what you can't see... The evening was warm and beautiful and all around this square were hundreds of people watching the dancers perform and at one side of the square there were hundreds of dance groups waiting for their turn and yet we both have photos of this specific dance group. While the dance routines continued we all went inside the beautiful palace for the evenings livation and awards ceremoney. What a small wonderful world we all share.


Marcia said...

Hey Gary! Thank you for the wonderful post! I am sooo missing our time in Mexico too, but we are continuing plans to return..., God-willing and the hills don't slide into the sea!!
Although, I haven't met you, yet - it seems my husband, Franc did! He said he really enjoyed talking with you and hopes to "look you up" next time he's on business at NASA Ames. If you ever get up to the Seattle area, let us know. We'll put you to work shoveling all our new "top soil." LOL! Take care!
Marcia Blas

Gary Faules said...


I am taking my wife to several of the cities like San Miguel de Allende in July and I just can't wait.

I would love to meet you and your husband but for the record I don't work at NASA Ames. However I am a director with the National Auto Sports Association better known as NASA. I do own a business that is located very close to NASA Ames in Sunnyvale.

I love Seattle and since I am originally from Oregon I am used to shoveling top soil and a few other things as well. LOL. When I was training for the U.S. Olympic shooting team I spent a lot of time in the Seattle area.

By the way, I sent you a message the other day but I haven't heard back from you. I have a question regarding your video. Please write me at