Thursday, December 06, 2007

Instant replay

During the last year I have had the pleasure of corresponding with Paul Chenard from Nova Scotia, Canada and a friendship has been formed. Paul is an artist and like he says, he has a passion for the history of motor racing and the cars and people that made it happen. Paul has a great eye and talent for capturing what we all love on canvas. You can take a look at some of his work at He also has some amazingly unique gifts such as his beautiful Christmas Card set and I'm sure everyone will be impressed with his Phil Hill collection which comes in a signed 4 piece set not only by Paul but by the great legend himself... Phil Hill.

I found out Paul obviously has time to enjoy his love of all things automotive since he sent me a photo that I had posted on another site after he "enhanced" it just a bit. Here are the before and after photos. The original was taken in San Francisco's Golden Gate park back in the 50's but Paul was able to put Jon and Gary inside Lucky and take us back in time so we too could know the feeling of taking the checkered flag in Golden Gate Park. Thanks Paul.

EDIT; I have to laugh at this fun. After Bret saw what Paul had done to Bret's photo he kiddingly wrote back... "Might as well match the trees out the window and add a 'lil old film grain to the pict of lucky ;)" and then attached the last photo. Is this one of those "I bet my dad can beat up your dad." LOL.

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