Friday, June 29, 2007

Quality time with my son

I should be so lucky to get to do some of the things I do with my son. I remember when he was about 7 years old he made everyone laugh when he said, "Women... can't live with'em.... Can't shoot'em." Well, I have to admit there have been days that I felt the same about him but when all is said and done, I must admit there are moments I'm glad they hid my gun.

It's only Friday evening and already it's turning into a long weekend. Will and I have been spending the day between the tracks and picking up engine and car parts out of town and then we will be racing at Infineon Raceway all weekend to boot with team mate Jon Emerson. After all one can never get enough seat time behind the wheel.

I had time to click a few pics of the assembled engine block while at the engine builders before picking up some miscellaneous parts and the Lexan rear window that was unique to only GT350 R model Shelbys. As you can see from the photo above Lucky is anxiously awaiting his new power plant.

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