Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lucky get's his first badge

Anyone who has ever prepared a car for a race understands what it's like to feel like he's falling behind schedule and the pressure that accompanies it. Well, I am no exception and there have been days recently that found me with just such a feeling and it's a bad feeling almost one that gives you a false sense of failure. But today things began to change as I was able to get some items checked off the things to do list. The first thing I did was install the door handles and then I finished drilling the holes for the original Shelby trunk pin. Since the plate will need to be removed prior to painting the racing strips I left a few of the rivets out which will be installed later. Then I installed the water/oil catch can which is ready to be plumbed once the engine is installed. Last but not least I installed Lucky's GT350 badge and then took time to stand back and feel some satisfaction knowing that today I made some headway.

One last thing was to cross off items that were finished and then update the list of things to do which gave me a sense of accomplishment and the feeling that I was in fact making some head way. Tomorrow I head up to the engine builders to drop off some goodies and then head over to Delta Bay Mustang to pick up the new rear window.


George Sullivan said...

Things have a way of working out ! Trust me. We fell so far behind it was amazing. Long hours and stress are common. make it fun. the #283 Volvo is going to be back in 2008!!

Gary Faules said...

George, years of racing and some things never change especially during a long season when we run a full series. Every few weeks there is a race and the car has to be prepped and dialed in to make sure it's ready for the coming event. But it seems the first thing a racer does after returning home after a weekend of racing is take a look at the calendar and say, "Ah hell, I'm tired from the long weekend and we've got plenty of time so I'll start on it next week." But before you know it, you find yourself working on the car the night before it's supposed to be in the trailer. The good news is, after this years event my car will for the most part be ready so God willing, we'll get to run around Mexico with you next year.