Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lucky gets a face lift

Today was a great day for Lucky as he began to show some promise as he began to look more like a GT350 R model than some old has been wreck. This is where pride begins to set in and a good job begins to show thru. This morning I had a specific plan of attack as to exactly what I wanted to do and the exact order in which to do it. But as we all know even the best made plans can sometimes go to hell in a hand basket. The first thing I wanted to do was install the doors so that installing the fenders would be easier and then the headlight buckets and so on but as soon as I went looking for the special door brackets and bolts it was as if they had fallen off the face of the earth. I knew I could make it work another way but that's not the way I do things. It was either going to be perfect or not at all. When all was said and done it was noon before I had found someone who had the exact parts I wanted so there was four hours shot to hell.

With the door fasteners in hand finally things began to go as planned which led to the installation of the doors, fenders, headlight buckets, front R-Model front end apron. The fenders and apron had to be installed perfectly so that the gaps for the doors as well as the hood were perfect.

All in all I am very pleased to see Lucky looking more like a race car that will be able to perform like the vision I had when this project all began. There are only 51 days before the day I hoped to be ready to test at Thunderhill and there is still LOTS to be done.


Gary said...

Definitely beginning to look like a race car!

The Sporting Life Society said...

I am more envious with every picture. It looks like the panels are lining up nicely. Where are the fenders from?

Gary Faules said...

Thanks guys and it's beginning to feel like a race car.

Yes, I was extremely happy with the way everything aligned considering the rough life this car had let alone all the work having been done to it. The fenders are new Ford originals which has a lot to do with the excellent tolerances.