Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lucky get's his first number

It's official... Lucky has been given car number 367 as his car number to run in the 20th anniversary running of the La Carrera Panamericana. Typically here in the U.S. cars with three digits signifies the car is in a school group and for years it has been a tradition that all Team California's Best cars are badged with number 44. However, for many years it has been a tradition that cars running in the La Carrera Panamericana are given certain three digit numbers which tell you what class the car is in so with pride and tradition Lucky and Team California's Best will wear 367.

Here are the numbers and how they relate to various classes...

Category Competition Numbers
Turismo de producción 2 al 99
Turismo Mayor 100 al 149
Sport Menor 150 al 199
Sport Mayor 200 al 249
Históric “A” 250 al 299
Históric “B” 300 al 349
Históric “C” 350 al 399
Original Panam 400 al 450
Exhibition 451 al 499
Unlimited 500 al 549

Today I finished installing a few items. One was the bezel that houses the fuel gauge for the FUEL SAFE RACING CELL and the switch for the multiple fuel pumps as well as some additional wiring on the emergency shutoff switch.

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George Sullivan said...

The Best part is when they put your numbers after you have passed tech and the so called physical.
They spent quite a bit of time during the tech inspection for us maybey being first timers and all. We passed with flying colors.
Keep up the posts