Thursday, June 28, 2007

Damn Know-It-Alls

Will Faules, team member and national champion and oh yeah, my son, is one of those kids who likes to try everything out even before it's ready. How can he try out a car that isn't even built yet you ask? Well, this kid has his ways evil as they may be. Several years ago I was scheduled to race at Sears Point (Infineon Raceway) and I was in the lead for the season's points championships and I needed to win that weekend. They had just completed what is now known as "The Chute" which was installed so the NASCAR guys could by-pass a few turns. The corners they by-passed are some of the favorites of us local drivers but to my surprise as soon as I got to the paddock I got word we would be the very first to run "The Chute" in an effort to put down some much needed rubber for the upcoming NASCAR race.

Just as I found out about these changes my phone rang and it was my then 12 year old son and so I began telling him about my displeasure with not knowing the correct line for the new piece of track and the fact that I needed the wins this weekend. He began telling me "Dad, relax. It's no problem. I'll describe the line to you." Still upset I interrupted him and said, "Will, how in the hell could you possibly tell ME the line when you haven't even seen this piece of track?" He said, "Dad, trust me I know what it looks like." Again I cut him off, "Dammit Will, You must not understand. I'm at Sears Point and they have changed the track!" And again he says, "Dad, just listen for a second and I'll explain. I have been running "The Chute" for the last few weeks on my Play Station and it's set up exactly like the track is including The Chute. Just trust me. Now here's what you do. As you come into turn Four just stay to the left. Then as you begin to enter......" As soon as I got dressed an out on the track to get in some practice I came into turn Four and it was if I had been there before since Will's description was exactly the way he had described and the line he gave me worked perfectly and I went on to win the season's point championships to boot.

It's amazing how real today's simulators are and how much they can help train a driver as is he or she was getting real seat time at the track. So I have no doubt my son may know more about my car than I do before I ever get it finished. Hell, for all I know my daughter, my wife and possibly my grandson may know more than I do.

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The Sporting Life Society said...

My son is 11 mos., and I already see he knows more than me, and I always knew my wife knows more than me...