Thursday, June 07, 2007

Getting everything just right

Today I began hooking up various wiring behind the dash in preperation for installing the gauges so that finaly I was able to mount the dash bezel. Hey, I even got the turn signals, ignition on and high-beam lights working. YEAH! As crazy as it sounds it was eaiser said than done. As soon as everything was in place to test the turn signals and should have been perfect.... Well, up poped the first gremlin. As it turned out one of the brand new tail light assemblies had a bad socket which caused a feedback short which in turn was a bear to figure out. After all, you wouldn't expect any brand new part to be defective. But this is just one more reason to not be dilly-dalling around because you never know what might pop up next. After that I hooked up and tested the master circuts as well as the emergency shut off switch all before installing the wiring before the gauges get installed.

Speaking of getting everything right... In the afternoon one of my friends stopped by with one of her old school Mini Coopers with right hand steering. My buddy/navigator Jon just happen to be in the area so we obsconed with her car keys and took it for a spin. Jon owns a late model Mini but the nostalgia of an old school Mini left us both with an afliction. This may be the only time Jon will get to have control of the car while sitting on the right side of the car. At one point he said, "I don't think we will need brakes on this next turn." Now I know how he's going to feel when we get to Mexico.

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