Saturday, June 23, 2007

Give me a brake, all I can think about is my rear end

This morning Nitrous the wonder dog and I took a ride up the Sacramento River to my engine builders facility to drop off some parts and check on the engine One of the goodies I dropped off was the MSD Dual Pickup Distributor. Once again it's all part of "What if" racing and ignition systems are not at all unknown for having their share of problems. With two magnetic pickups, Lucky will have a complete redundant ignition system which can be activated at the flip of a switch should I ever need it.

After hearing how pleased my engine builder was with how things were going on my engine I decided to head over to DELTA BAY MUSTANG to visit Tom and Zee but that's when I began to have a mood swing. The very first item I bought for this car was a Lincoln Versailles rear end. After researching this application-swap for months and speaking to "the pros" I was convinced it was the way to go but after sitting down and having a long heart to heart with Tom who has been supplying some of the best set up cars on the west coast for some 25 years I began to feel sick to my stomach. Man, I hate feeling I did something wrong or didn't research something properly but the thought of not having the maximum stopping power available while driving along cliffs or while doing 175 miles per hour bothers me even more. After taking Nitrous for a walk I finally told Tom to go ahead and start setting me up with a new 9 inch rear end housing and positraction differential along with new axles, bearings including rear calipers, rotors and all. Sometimes making a change after having been so convinced that I had it right in the first place is hard but having spent the afternoon thinking about all the trade offs I am positive I have made the right decision and furthermore the set up Tom is setting up for me is exactly the same as used by Carroll Shelby and is still being used in many winning vintage class cars to this day. This will result in a major weight reduction as well.

To make me feel a little better before I left DELTA BAY MUSTANG I picked up some more goodies like a set of TALBOT RACING MIRROR's and a 17 inch convex interior rear view mirror so that Jon and I can be looking our best.

I gotta tell ya, Tom at Delta Bay Mustang is one hell of a great guy. He NEVER tries to sell anything that he doesn't honestly feel best suits a customer's needs. While I was in his place this morning I overheard a customer asking him to sell him whatever he needed to turn his 6 cylinder car into a V-8 car. Tom didn't beat around the bush and told him right up front that he was better off buying a different car since it would require so much time and expense. The customer still insisted he wanted to proceed and that he had both the time and money but again Tom politely told him what he was in for and even went as far as to adding some some rough numbers which in most cases would have driven off even the most willing customer. But when all was said and done the customer still wanted to proceed. Make no mistakes about it, There is no better place to buy Mustang parts than from Tom at Delta Bay Mustang and believe me I have bought from the best of them. One more thing about Tom... There are times when customer like myself need some rinky dinky little something to help us get a job done to our liking and while most people on Tom's side of the counter will say, "Nope, don't have it." Tom just asks, "When do you need it? It may take me a day or two to find." The next thing I know the UPS man is saying, "Sign here."

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