Sunday, November 08, 2009

A True Love Affair Of La Carrera Panamericana

This evening it was my pleasure to be introduced to the most amazing young men by my good friend Jorge Arellano Vital from Queretaro. His name is Jonathan Mejia and like all of us he has a true love affair with La Carrera Panamericana. The only difference is that Jonathan does things on a smaller scale that the rest of his. But don't let that word "small" fool you because Jonathan's attention to detail is as grand as that of any La Carrera Panamericana team.

Jonathan told me that La Carrera Panamericana is his favorite race and building exact miniature La Carrera Panamericana cars is his hobby. Just take a look at some of the cars he has built from scratch and be sure to notice the fine detail on them. many of us LCP veterans will recognize many of them.

Jonathan Mejia and Stig Blomqvist

A fitting tribute to Jerry Churchill


Eric Herrick said...

Love the 2005 Mini-S;-)

Herrick Racing said...

How very cool! What an honor to be included in his collection!