Friday, November 13, 2009

La Buffa Country Western Style

I froze my ass climbing up that hill
But I'd do it all over again all for the thrill.
It's called La Buffa and it's way up high
The place Poncho Via fought so as not to die.

Men drive their cars in La Carrera Panamericana
But if they miss the road they know their a gonna.

We swerve to the left
We swerve to the right
Eat in a bullring and
Stay in Zacatecas for the night.

Tonight we drink tequila to stay warm
and dance and walk with a donkey
I've been away from home to long
I swear that donkey winked at me.

It's the last night before the end of the race
Tomorrow will be one hell of a pace.

We all pray that we make it
For minana we will drive like hell
As soon as we finish
One hell of a ride over the top of that hill.

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