Sunday, November 08, 2009

Some La Carrera Art I found To Interesting

The artist name is Anna-Louise Felstead and you can visit her site by CLICKING HERE. As you will see Anna paints other venues besides autos all of which I found interesting and I'm sure you will too.

The #162 356 Porsche below is the original car painted by Anna that ran in LCP in the early 50's and is now owned and driven by Andy Prill from the UK and Richard Clark from Monaco.

This photo was taken during the Tarpys La Carrera get-together in Monterey during the Monterey Historics in which Richard and Andy competed.


Noe said...

Fore more Images and Videos visit the website of the Official Radio Station for La Carrera Panamericana at This is the only radiostation covering the race since the late 80's. Saludos Amigos!

Gary Faules said...

LOL. Thanks Noe. I clicked on 2007 gallery and saw myself poking my finger into the belly button of the gal handing out the medals.