Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Karl Scheible Shows Us How To Drive A 4-Cylinder Volo

And how NOT to drive a falcon.


bbeilharz said...

It looks like Shanahan was trying, unsuccessfully, to get out of the way of the faster drivers. On a closed course, it's better to hold your racing line and let the overtaking drivers take the corner away from you. That way there are no surprises or indecision.
It looks like Jourdain is waiving "Thanks for your help" as he passes :-)

bbeilharz said...

Then again, Shanahan may have been aware that he was losing fluid onto the track and he was trying to stay off of the racing line. Also, that's probably what caused him to spin.

Gary Faules said...

I'm sure Shanahan looked in his mirror and said, "Please tell me that yellow Volvo has a V-8." lol

haukefischer said...

The curve situation from another view ;-)