Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another Mustang Domination

When you consider my love of racing then combine that with my life long infatuation of anything to do with Africa it's easy to understand why get excited this time each year when they are holding the 2009 East African Safari Classic Rally.. But if that isnt exciting enough this years race adds to the fire because of the type of car that's leading the race at this time.

Check out Ian Duncan's 1967 Mustang catching some air and travering a river.


carson said...

thanks Gary,
another rally for the bucket list
giddy up

Abram said...

Like the Panamericana the East African Safari Rally is one of those races that makes us dream.

Did you know that Stig Blomqvist tried it a lot of times, but never won the Rally.

Björn Waldegard another scandinavian top driver won the Rally 4 times, and in 2007 he won the Classic Safari.
Now he's second in a Porsche 911 with only a few seconds behind the Mustang of Ian Duncan.

Abram Werner, France

Abram said...

For more pictures of the EACSR:

LosVikingos_Ralf said...

It's sure on the list. I met Björn and the guy who owns the Porsche a couple of months ago. Great people.

I have this race on my list. Have you done it Gary?
Just need to find the right car. But then again my old Falcon could do.