Thursday, April 02, 2009

One In A Million (Make that $3,750,000.00)

On a few very rare occasions along comes a car for sale that stands out more than others. Some cars stand out more so because of their beauty, some for their muscle, some for their history, or because they were one owner cars, or because of who owned or drove them, possibly because of their age and low mileage, how few were built, how fast they were accompanied with how much race heritage they had and so on.

But what would you say if I told you about a car that had all of the above and a lot more? While this deal may not include the kitchen sink it does however come with the original tires. For my buck this has got to be the one that stands out a lot more than most.

This is the first SC 427 Cobra built!! CSX-3021 was Carroll's personal pick to represent Shelby America and traveled with a GT-40 in the Cobra Caravan across the USA! This is the first of only two gold Cobra's built. This car has 3,800 original one owner miles!! This car is original, except for one repaint. Original, right down to the tires! This car is being offered with the original one owner title, as well as original payment book and dealer purchase order.


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