Monday, April 13, 2009

On Top Of Ole Smokey

Tough break during 2006 race when La Carrera Panamericana started in Veracruz port. This is on day 2 between Veracruz and Puebla.


carson said...

nice pass on the inside by Christain and Dan in da Lincoln
looks like the Olds blew a hose
luv these action shots

gpsphoto said...

HI to all, I took the photos of the Oldsmobile, if you want to see a few more of them please check my filck photo stream at:

Thank you for visiting!

Gary Faules said...

GPS, there is a photo on your flicker list of a saftey car tha has spun out. I would like to know if he spun out completely or kept on going without stoping.

gpsphoto said...

Hi Gary,
The car that you said spun out almost completely as you can see in the photo, from that position it turn around and continue. Not without the hot comments from the public that was looking there.