Monday, April 13, 2009

Have A BACK-UP Plan For Breakdowns AHEAD OF TIME!

Many times teams assume they can deal with anything along teh way but all too many times they find out differently. It's important to remember you will have a hell of a lot more to deal with than you ever expected when racing for a week in Mexico.

One of the best kept secrets to be found is none other than our very good friend Enrique Cortes. Enrique helped us numerous tines as well as many others and there is nothing too big or too small and his prices can NOT be beat. My advice is DO NOT TAKE HIM FOR GRANTED meaning don't just assume that since he will be there that you can use him if you need him. Like any highly needed commodity his services as first come first serve. My recommendation is to have a back up plan by dropping him an email and send him a retainer of $100, an investment you will not regret. Think of it as the best insurance policy you have ever purchased.

Besides being a great mechanic, welder and having the ability to find anything you need when you need it, I have seen him in action and simply put... "He makes shit happen." Another life saver from Enrique was he stayed with our service crews night and day and made sure they knew all the shortcuts and helped get them to every service stop and hotel like clockwork. This peace of mind was worth more than you can ever imagine.

Check out his video on MyTube.

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