Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Moment Of Reflection And Pause

During the years as we watch our children grow there are times when time itself seems to stand still and we find ourselves praying for time to pass. (Like when they are hurt or in pain or their not home on time and you're worried or mad.) Then again there are times when you pray for that same ole clock to slow down. Usually when you realize that the years have slipped by faster than you care to think about and you pray for a way to turn it back.

In either event time marches on and there is a lot left to see and a lot to remember but for right now my thoughts and prayers are with Will, my son, who has completed his tenure at Thunderhill Raceway and is moving on for greener pastures. He leaves what was one of the best jobs/education opportunities he (or any other young man) could possibly wish for and in doing so will be sorely missed by everyone there. He had made many friends all of whom wish him well and are as excited about his new adventure as he is.

Not only did working in management at Thunderhill Raceway help him grow as a young man
as well as his college education but in fact helped him learn more about business, gave him the opportunity to race whenever he wanted and make all kinds of new friends.

Will has now been offered an amazing position with a fantastic company with what is a very exciting opportunity and will be relocating in Southern California where he will continue his racing career.

As parents, both my wife and myself couldn't be more proud of an amazing young man as we are him. We both pray and hope nothing but happiness and success for him as he continues what has already been an amazing journey.

Good luck son. Love Mom and Dad.


mjb said...

Anyone who has children knows..., it's all in the "jeans." =)Having good role models helps, too.

Francisco Ortiz said...

Yeah! Good luck Will!