Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Things Kevin & Mark said while doing 190MPH thru Mexico City

Kevin said, "Holly crap, I still have another gear!"

Mark said, "I was just wondering.... did anyone see what in the hell Mexico City looked like? I seemed to have missed it."

I was just kidding. What was really said was this.... "Hey Mark, it says here in the route book that there is a new Hooter's opening in down town Mexico City. If we hurry we can catch the grand opening."

Kevin asked if anyone had any video of him driving thru downtown Mexico City....... All I can say is, "DON'T BLINK."

If you think this is good just wait until the new HD DVD comes out. A special thanks to Steffan Shultz for his amazing ability to capture such a thing of beauty at that speed.


The said...

Gary, We are now living vicariously through you since Mark is out of the country for three weeks and can't update the blog for car 543.. Your appreciation of Mark and Kevin means a lot. We watched them grow as friends through rowing at Gonzaga...working hard, playing hard and always with a smile. I'm still waiting for that smoke ;-)

Kevin said...

Gary, you are a man among men, thank you!

Gary Faules said...

Mark & Kevin are exactly the sort of guys that anyone would enjoy meeting and forming a friendship with. For that matter there are several others from the Unlimited Gang I would put in that same category. The truth be told, they are what used to be called Gentleman.