Sunday, May 11, 2008

La Carrera Fiesta a Huge Success

Ron and his wife and Cosmo the family guard dog.

After a relaxing six hour drive with Michael Emery of Lucha Libre Racing and Gerie Bledso we arrived on time at Ron Lee's home in Pasadena. The weather was perfect, the food great, everyone had a great time and the cars were fantastic... what else could anyone ask for? Our gracious host was Ron Lee and his beautiful wife who made sure everyone had a great time. The only problem I had with the whole affair was I could not get everyone to turn their back when I was trying to stuff one of Ron's cars in my duffel bag.

For many of us it was a great time just being able to reacquaint ourselves with friends that we had met at the 2007 La Carrera Panamericana while others who have been friends for years shared experiences with us about past La Carrera Panamericanas.

Eduardo Leon and Gary with Ron's 55 Kurtis GT coupe which was originally built to run La Carrera Panamericana. Notice Leon's grand daughter in the driver's seat. Leon and Ron were heard arguing if she was going to be Piloto or Co-piloto.

Another special treat was getting to spend one on one time with Eduardo Leon, the president of La Carrera Panamericana as well as his beautiful wife and their two daughters. There was lots of talk about past and future La Carrera adventures but it was also a time to meet families and others with interest in La Carrera as well and of course there was lots of beautiful cars to admire.

During the evening Gerie Bledso took time to thank Ron and his wife for having us all over and assured Ron that none of us has spilt guacamole on any of his cars however an apology was in order for the drool left on many of them. And drool we did. Ron has a unique car collection, one that any automotive enthusiast would be proud to have. On a personal note one thing I enjoyed about Ron is that his cars are not trailer queens stored in some place that prevents them for being enjoyed. No sir, Ron's cars are used for what they were intended to be used for... Rode hard and put away wet. It's apparent these cars get lots of love and attention but it's also great to know they are not driven at parade lap speed. From what I saw I don't think the word "Parade" is in Ron's vocabulary.

I hope you will enjoy the photos of just a few of Ron's cars and I would like to take the time to personally thank Ron and his wife for a wonderful evening had by all.

Gerie Bledso with Ruth and Chris "Coop" Cooper.

Gary and Bret Haller

Colin Herrick, Gary Faules and Kevin Jones recent Chihuahua Champion.

Father & Son team Colin and Eric Herrick ham it up with Gary

Sam Burg asking Gary why he's wearing sunglasses at 8PM.

President Eduardo Leon and grand daughter Stephanie admiring Paul Chenard's latest work. He truly loved it.

This is the car Ron Lee is presently building to race in this year's La Carrera Panamericana. (No joke)

OK, so since there are three photos of this car by now you probably have figured out which car I was trying to steal.

As I posted these photos I realized none of them can do justice to their beauty, their lines, workmanship by craftsmen not to mention you should have heard them when they were started up. I still have goose bumps. Gerie Blesdo is planing some more La Carrera Fiestas possibly one at Laguna Seca during the Monterey Historics. If you can find time to get to one of these family get-together's it will be a day you won't soon forget. There were many others I had the opportunity of meeting and I look forward to seeing each of you again. A few others in attendance were Eddie Marrazito, Marshall Chabot, Dara Herrick, Jack Heydorff, Monica Leon-Grossmann, Andrea Leon-Grossmann, Dyana Marlett, Tom Hollfelder, John McKain, Jane Park, and please accept my apologies for those I did not mention since I am great when it comes to remembering cars and beautiful women but terrible names.


Paul said...

WOW! There's some nice hardware there at Ron Lee's Fiesta!

I love that Kurtis GT Coupe, the D-Type and the maroon no.14 racer, not to mention the aluminum-bodied, red-spoked car on the lift .... a Riley? What a toy box!

I'm glad that Edurado Leon and the others liked my Fangio illustration ... prints are available!

Francisco Ortiz said...

Ohh! a can see a realy big party at big boys toy box!!!Awesome art on cars and people.