Friday, May 16, 2008

Research Proves Speeding Can Be Safe

Once in a while I am asked if I feel comfortable while speeding on the highways of Mexico. After giving this some thought Jon and I set out on doing some tongue in cheek research.

For years we have all heard reasons why we should slow down; Things like it saves gas, it's safer, less wear and tear on the car as well as the highways and many more reasons. But recent;y while doing some research of our own we learned that there are always exceptions to the rule. During our research we learned the depending on the circumstances that speeding can in fact save lives. Watch our recorded research that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that speeding was a good thing in this case.


mjb said...

Love it! Franc's off to UK in a couple of weeks. He can't wait to prove out this research!

Gary said...

Timing is everything!