Saturday, May 17, 2008

Here's some of what we missed

Finish line at the 1954 La Carrera Panamericana.

For those of us who have raced La Carrera Panamericana one of the things we hate most is not being able to take time to smell the roses so to speak. I'm talking about hauling ass all the way from one end up thru the backbone of Mexico all the way to the other and never really being able to remember what anything looked like. After all, if you take your eyes off the road for even a few brief seconds at the speeds we were traveling to enjoy some scenic site you may not live to tell about it. In all honesty I saw more of Mexico on blogs, websites, newspaper and other people's video quips than I did during the entire Jon and I raced there.

But now thanks to "BEAR'S MEXICO PAGE" all that has changed. I was amazed how many places I recognized on Bear's site and it truly took me back. Some of these places are intimately special and remembering passing thru them on transit stages was a once in a lifetime experience for all of us. It's impossible to explain the rush while people wave, children smile, senoritas blush, donkeys run for cover and the police are having a blast taking part. At least now I can sit back with a cold one, look at these photos and reminice all I want as so many of these photos look exactly like the very highways we raced on. Carretera means highway.




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