Friday, May 09, 2008

La Carrera Fiesta... May 9 2008

Tommorrow Gerie Bledso, Michael Emery of Monark Racing and myself are heading south to attend the Carrera Fiesta at the home and garages of Ron Lee, in South Pasadena. There we will meet up with other Carreraistas and good friends for what will surely be an awesome gathering accompanied with liquid libation and food. I am happy to report Carrera President Eduardo Leon and his wife Monica Grossmann from Mexico City will also be on hand. Besides other La Carrera cars that will be attending Ron has a great collection of race cars and hot rods that we are all looking forward to enjoying.

I am curious to see who tells bigger stories, the fisherman or the racers but either way I am sure this will be a great way for racing friends to reminisce great memories and discuss future events. Word has it that Gerie and some friends are also working on a little reunion at the Monterey Historics on August 16 at a site near Laguna Seca. If you have never taken part in the Monterey Historics trust me when I tell you this is a must do so mark it down on your calendar.

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