Saturday, October 28, 2006

Road of the Diablo

Today I ordered a custom built fuel cell which should be here in less than two weeks. Having the new fuel cell will help me design the cut outs for the trunk area not to mention the location of the 6 point roll cage since the cage is also going to contain the fuel cell like the race-cars of Nascar have. Having the fuel cell will also be needed to help aid in locating where the panhard bar will attach so there is no interference.

A lot of research and decisions had to be made regarding the particular design I am building. Due to lax rule enforcement in Mexico on some issues it is easy to find ones self cutting corners to save money. But then it dawned on me this race is unlike any other race in the world. God forbid... should there be a racing incident along a windy mountain road on some cliff there will be no fire truck, no safety crew let alone an ambulance waiting only seconds away. As a matter of fact they could be hours away. Keeping this in mind it is important to realize the only people my co-driver/navigator and myself can expect help from is in-fact ourselves. The last thing we need is to be upside down, possibly unconscious and have gas pouring on us. Broken limbs heal, a man don't need both eyes, and you can even live a pretty exciting life in a wheelchair these days but fire to a race car driver in totally unacceptable thought. Crashing in Mexico is always a reality we can live with but burning in Hell is not.

The brand of fuel cell we will be using is being made exclusivly for us by the world's leading fuel cell manufacture "FUEL SAFE" which coincidently is in my home state of Oregon which is where Lucky is from.

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