Monday, October 09, 2006

Being left behind

A few weeks ago Jon and I went to Sears Point (Infineon) to race in a 3 hour enduro and while there I was supposed to meet up with Gerie Bledso (The North American La Carrera Panamericana director) and meet some drivers and see their cars that had or are going to drive the La Carrera Panamericana. But when we got there on Sunday I found only one race car there and Gerie since the cars that ran the day before had some bad luck or problems and they had all left.

This weekend there was another race and some more La Carrera Panamericana cars and drivers were supposed to attend so I was really excited about meeting them. Jon and I had originally made plans to attend on Saturday but some things came up so we went on Sunday only to find the exact same chain of events happened again. Bummer!

I feel like a little boy that was left behind as the men went to war and now it looks as if I won't get to see any of these cars or meet the drivers for months since they will all be leaving in a few days to run this years La Carrera Panamericana and after that as is the norm, nobody will be attending any races for some time since they will be burned out from a long year of preparation not to mention the thousands of miles of driving and racing involved in this grueling race. But that's ok, because I have more than enough to keep me busy getting my own car ready even though I would have loved to see some of the tricks on their cars and pick their brains for ideas.

On the other hand, no day at the race track is a bad day and Jon and I had a great time and a podium finish as well so not all was lost. I also went for a ride on the track with a friend's car and even took my new pick up out on the track for a few laps (parade laps) to make it an official racing truck since it will be used to tow the car to Mexico next year.

There are many reasons why different guys with different life-styles enjoy racing and Jon and I enjoy cars as much as the next guy and possibly even more however one of the reasons I enjoy his company so much is because when we are in between races or on the drives to the tracks we find ourselves talking about days gone by and experiences we have had along the way and eventually we find ourselves talking about what we love more than anything in the world... Our wives and family. Racing is great but priorities are more important and Jon has them in the proper order.

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