Sunday, October 01, 2006

Going to the Jon

While doing my research in preparation for this race I realized one major difference is that to do well in this race one needs the help of a good navigator. Now the first thought I had was how terrible it is having a navigator telling me what to do... "SLOW DOWN!... TURN, TURN, TURN!... Go left!. Go Right! NO, I SAID RIGHT!..... YOU MISSED THE TURN!!!! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!" But that's enough about my wife.

My decision as to who I wanted to be my navigator and co-driver on this race was a simple one. I chose Jon Emerson because first of all he's already a member of California's Best Racing Team but also because he's the kind of driver I trust and trust is the common denominator when it comes to having a voice in your helmet telling you, "STEP ON IT... YOU CAN MAKE IT!" Over the years Jon and I have fought hard against each other when we competed and in every case each of us knew that regardless of how fast we were going, we could trust each other door to door as we took corners at breath-taking speeds. Later on in our racing we gelled to become teammates and I have learned several things about Jon... First and foremost is he knows and understands the word "TEAM". But equally as important is he wants to win. There is always the possibility that I may have a bad day for whatever reason and having a teammate like Jon is an important decision since he needs to be supportive and will probably share in some of the driving.

But Jon has even more than just those few attributes. He brings a lot more to the table. Jon is a wiz when it comes to all things electronic and more and it is also due to his work related field that we have made some contacts with the movie production field and some doors have been opened.

As events happen there will be plenty more to hear about Jon and our friendship and this journey we are taking together. It's also very important to both of us how supportive our wives and families have been with regards to this adventure and they are equally major in this as well. The botton line is... going to the Jon isn't always a bad thing.

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